Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lusomia Festival - 1st Edition


From the 5th to the 11th of June of 2018 Sydney was home to the first Lusomia Festival "Pleasure of Portugal" -  a celebration of Portuguese culture and both contemporary and tradition gastronomy.

The project arose from a partnership between the founder of the festival André Sá Correia and The Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney, which was requested to play an active role in this venture since its origin. The project was then presented to the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, the Ambassador of Portugal in Canberra and the President of Instituto Camões, all of which recognized Lusomia

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 as being an intitiative of interest and worthy of being granted institutional support.

Lusomia aims of elevate the profile of Portugal in Australia, by projecting an image of a modern and contemporary Portugal in Sydney. Additionaly the initiative has the goal to increase the value and recognition of "Portugal" as a brand by granting more visibility to Portuguese products and culture.
Over the 7 day period Sydney received several memorable experiences in iconic places around the city with focus on promoting music, photography, fashion, wines and gastronomy.

Lusomia was embraced by partners like Emirates (Principal Partner), Instituto Camões, Portuguese Embassy in Camberra and Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney (Institutional Partners), in addition to Frontline Media and Events & Lumiapixel, Simbiose, Ultimate Rentals, Jarpen Global, Global Aquatica, CK Finance and Advisory and Fundamental Business Finance (Supporting Partners).

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The team that made this festival possible was composed by André Sá Correia (CEO & Founder), Fábio Sá Alves (Co-Founder), Frank Trenza (Co-founder & Logistics Manager), Paulo Valentim (Art & Music Director), Vicky Troptsidis (Event Manager), Fernanda Guimarães (Executive Assistant) and Sarah Penrose (Public Relations).

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The several events were enhance by the presence of chefs and wine industry professionals like Executive Chef Júlio Pereira, Chef José Silva and Chef André Sá Correia, as well as Master Sommelier João Pires, Head Sommelier Carlos Simões, wine producers Tiago Alves de Sousa and Jorge Nunes Symington. Cocktails were handled by Mixologists “Red Frog”. On the artistic front, the events counted on the participation of Bruno Saveedra (photography), André Barros (pianist and composer), Cátia Alexandra Santos (violinist), Joana Inês Santos (dancer), Beatriz Felício (fado singer) and musicians Paulo Valentim and João Domingos.
35476046 187145131987267 1992841877333737472 o Aside from the media content production done by Frontline Media and Event, Lumiapixel and Celia Creative Multimedia, the Gala Dinner had Ana Neves from SkyNews as the master of ceremonies.
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Festival Lusomia still has a Wine and Dine Festival to be held in the near future in an outdoor Park in Central Sydney as a wayto complement the previous agenda and to elevate its status to a reference event in the cultural agenda of Sydney.

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