Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Assistance in emergency situations

The Consular Emergency Office is part of the Directorate General of Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities, and it aims to provide consular assistance in emergency situations to national citizens abroad.

The Consular Emergency Office works 24 Hours with a system of permanent attendance through the numbers + 351 961 706 472 and + 351 21 792 97 14.

The Consular Emergency Office also has an Emergency Management System that offers a registration service that allows nationals travelling abroad to provide their identification, direct contacts, travel itinerary indicating the destinations, arrival and departure dates, places of overnight stay and their contacts, as well as an optional emergency contact.


Emergency Telephone (24 Hours)                            +351 21 792 97 14

emergency Mobile Phone (24 Hours)                       +351 961 706 4 72

General Fax                                                            +351 21 792 97 75

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